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Hauling Out: The Meat Shelf Advantage

Hauling Out: The Meat Shelf Advantage


One of the biggest reasons we decided to design our own pack is because none of the packs available at the time offered a secure platform for hauling game quarters. Still today, the patented Outdoorsmans Frame System offers some unique advantages over other pack systems when it comes to hauling meat.

We got framed

If you’ve ever participated in the construction of a building, you’ll know that after the foundation has been set, the next line of business is framing. Framing provides the structure necessary for every other facet of the building. From electrical wiring to tiled backsplashes in the kitchen, and the roof over your head, all of these things are made possible by a solid foundation and framing. The same concept applies to a hunting pack.

While everyone has different needs for the pack itself, the real magic lies in its frame system. The Outdoorsmans Frame System is designed to stabilize and haul up to 200 lbs of gear and meat. With an elk quarter weighing an average between 30-70 pounds, the choice of having a reliable frame quite literally bears a lot of weight.

Easy does it

At first glance, most packs look like a dizzying array of webbing and hardware, but once you’ve pushed beyond the learning curve, understanding the platform often pays dividends. With the Outdoorsmans Frame System in mind, there are a few things to remember that will make your next packout considerably easier.

First, loosening the straps along the sides of your pack will allow you to pull the pack away from the frame and create a pocket for your meat bag between the frame and pack. Loosening liberally will allow you to easily slide a quarter down the frame and rest it on the meat shelf at the bottom of the frame to be situated for optimum comfort and weight distribution.

Second, ensuring the floor of your meat shelf is properly secured before loading any meat on will save you from having to drop your pack and remove a quarter to correct the problem. Every bit of energy counts during a packout, so taking these preventative measures before loading up can make a huge difference

Last, cinching the pack back down against the quarter will keep it secure against the frame and prevent it from shifting during your packout. Beginning with the lowest straps and working your way to the top will make keeping the weight as high on the back as possible easier to achieve.

As always, if you have any questions, give us a call at 1-800-291-8065 or chat with us online at

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