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Outdoorsmans Pan Head

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With the Gen 2 Pan Head on the way, our current supply of Gen 1s will be the last batch ever of the Outdoorsmans-only version.
The workhorse of the Outdoorsmans tripod heads, the Pan Head, was built to be lightweight but carry a load. With an easy twist of the pan or tilt lever, you are able to pan smoothly or adjust glassing angles quickly and easily.

This pan head has seen over a decade of the harshest environments and toughest conditions to ever befall a big game hunter.

Legendary for its strength to weight ratio and ease of use, there is no better solution for stable optics. Even at just over half a pound, it is capable of holding 95mm spotting scopes and even long range rifles.

The days of replacing cheap tripod heads are behind us, and the future looks bright.

Adapter plate not included with the Pan Head.

Type Pan Head
Weight 10.5 oz
Height 3.25 in
Material Billet Aluminum
Load Capacity 6 lbs 1 oz (BTX 95)
Plate Type Outdoorsmans 1/4-20
Base Mount Female 3/8

How does the Outdoorsmans Pan Head attach to my tripod?

The Outdoorsmans Pan Head can attach directly to your tripod using a 3/8 Stud, or can be used with any of the Outdoorsmans Quick Release Adapters.

How do my optics attach to the Pan Head?

All optics, cameras, rifle rests or non-Outdoorsmans Bino adapters attach to the Pan Head using anOutdoorsmans 1/4-20 Adapter Plate.

What is the difference between the Outdoorsmans Pan Head and the Micro Pan Head?

While both lightweight tripod heads give you the ability to pan and tilt with ease, the Micro Pan Head is smaller and lighter than the original Outdoorsmans Pan Head. However, we recommend the Pan Head if you will be using larger, heavier optics.

60 Days Money Back Guarantee Lifetime Limited Warranty 100% American Made

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Eliminate Resistance

When you’re spending multiple days in the field searching for a trophy big game animal, the last thing you want is a barrier between you and quality glassing sessions. A smooth, easy-to-run tripod head is one of the most important gear for any open country hunter.

The Outdoorsmans Pan Head was developed specifically for the hunter that is on the move and using a combination of binoculars and a spotting scope. This head is lightweight, ballistic-missile-proof, and integrates seamlessly with the Outdoorsmans Tripod System. The low-profile nature of this head combined with its powerful load capacity and focus on function put it in an entirely separate category from its "competitors."

Deploys in seconds and handles everything you throw at it.

Lasting Construction

This head is at home in nearly any situation. The adjustment knobs rotate with an amount of force that’s easy, but not too easy. These controls are also able to cam and reposition for quick adjustments and are simple to manipulate–even with cold hands or gloves.

One of the first external features many customers notice is the length of the handle. Mass-produced tripod heads often include a handle twice the length of this one. The extra length provides the illusion of smoothness due to the amount of leverage available.

The Outdoorsmans Pan Head is smooth enough to operate accurately with a single hand on the body, without a handle. It can even be manipulated with the bridge of your nose on your optic when the tension is set appropriately.

This head is designed for use with Outdoorsmans Dovetail Adapter Plates, but can be mounted to any set of tripod legs with a ⅜’ mounting thread. With extremely fine tolerances, as with all Outdoorsmans parts, there is never a concern with fit or function. This head locks down tight in any position and will not gradually unscrew itself from your tripod legs, as is the case with many other heads.

The Pan Head is billet machined and assembled in Payson, Arizona from 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum and each unit is hand-inspected.

Who is the pan head for?

With the lightweight (10.5 oz) nature of this head comes a slightly lower capacity than something like the Outdoorsmans Fluid Head. We recommend the Pan Head for binoculars and spotting scopes with an objective lens size of up to 65 mm. 85 mm, 95 mm, and larger scopes can be used, but the added weight may prove cumbersome due to the lack of fluid drag. If you plan to use large optics, we recommend mounting it with a Balance Rail or Extended Adapter Plate.

This head is very popular with sheep hunters, backpackers, and hike-to hunters. It offers the best balance of strength, stability, and weight. In its category, these qualities are greatly unmatched.

This tripod head also makes an exceptional shooting rest. Since this head was designed by hunters, we have developed an entire system of shooting accessories and adapters to fit any type of rifle and shooting scenario.

“A great piece of kit. I wish I had gotten this years ago. Quality is top notch. Operation is smooth and effortless.”

- Dwight Swift, Verified Buyer

Customer Reviews

Based on 69 reviews
Thiel Bench
Outdoorsmans Pan head

I should have ordered this head a long time ago. It's awesome! Way more compact and light wight then I thought. It's small but locks up tight. Love all my outdoormans products.

John Bolstad
Exactly As Advertised

So smooth and stable. Unit works just perfectly with my 18's. Easy adjustments and locks tight when needed. Looking forward to my glassing sessions now.

Jake Hancock

Your prices are insulting

Lonnie Bickford
Flew in from Alaska

Had lost a part to my tripod head and a Caribou hunt in Alaska, and was flying down to Az for a muley hunt. Arriving after hours, the customer service folks at outdoorsman looked up which head i had, and place the needed part in a box outside. Their attitude about getting me what I needed for my hunt was above and beyond, Thanks Outdoorsman


Awesome piece of equipment. I like it better than the micro pan head

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  • product image

    Outdoorsmans Pan Head Gen 2

    • Pan Head Gen 2
    • 12 oz
    • 3.50 in
    • Billet Aluminum
    • 20 lbs
    • Outdoorsmans Adapter & Arca-Swiss
    • Female 3/8
    • $499.99
  • product image

    Outdoorsmans Pan Head

    • Pan Head
    • 10.5 oz
    • 3.25 in
    • Billet Aluminum
    • 6 lbs 1 oz (BTX 95)
    • Outdoorsmans Adapter
    • Female 3/8
    • $399.99
  • product image

    Outdoorsmans Fluid Head

    • Fluid Head
    • 1lb 7oz
    • 4 in
    • Billet Aluminum
    • 25 lbs (Any Rifle You Have)
    • Arca-Swiss
    • Female 3/8
    • $769.99
  • product image

    Outdoorsmans Micro Pan Head

    • Pan Head
    • 7.5 oz
    • 3.75 in
    • Billet Aluminum
    • 3 lbs 9oz (ATX 65)
    • Outdoorsmans Adapter
    • Female 3/8
    • $362.99
  • product image

    Outdoorsmans Pistol Grip

    • Ball Head
    • 9.8 oz
    • 5.25 in
    • Billet Aluminum
    • Less Than 3 lbs
    • Outdoorsmans Adapter
    • Male 3/8
    • $241.99
  • product image

    Sirui VA-5 Video Head

    • Fluid Head
    • 1lb 4oz
    • 3.25 in
    • Aircraft Aluminum
    • 6.61lbs
    • Arca-Swiss
    • Female 3/8
    • $164.90
  • product image

    Swarovski CTH

    • Fluid Head
    • 1lb 4oz
    • 3.25 in
    • Magnesium
    • X
    • Arca-Swiss
    • Female 3/8
    • $479.00
  • product image

    Manfrotto XPRO Fluid Head

    • Fluid Head
    • 1lb 11oz
    • 4 in
    • Technopolymer
    • 8.8 lbs
    • 200PL-14
    • Female 3/8
    • $194.99

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