Outdoorsmans Optics Hunter Pack System

$ 399.99


There is a limited amount of the true timber color available for purchase. Backorders will not be taken for any colors.

Features of the Outdoorsmans Pack System:

  • 7 lbs 3 3/4 oz
  • 5500 cubic inches of storage
  • Securely attaches to Outdoorsmans Frame system
  • Underneath each pack bag is a load carrying system that is part of the frame. This is ideal for meat packing or caching food and water for those long hunts.
  • The V notch rifle rest in the top of the frame allows for a solid rest while shooting from the sitting position due to the solid base of the frame/pack system.
  • The rifle carrying system is built right into every pack and securely holds any size rifle, bow, or muzzle loader.
  • The Outdoorsmans Pack System features broad shoulder straps and hip belt to properly distribute the weight of even the heaviest loads.





    The key to the Outdoorsmans Pack System is the frame. The curvature allows the pack to ride as close to your center of gravity as possible. This gives you the stability of an internal frame, but the carrying capacity of the external frame. The polypropylene frame is rigid enough in the vertical plane to handle a 200 lb. load, yet is flexible enough to twist with your body while climbing or slipping through brush. The bag is attached to the frame at eight different points with easily inserted buckles. Behind the bag is a meat carrying system that is tucked neatly against the frame so you can convert your gear bag into a meat packer in less than two minutes. We call the current bag the Optics Hunter because it is perfect for someone who is carrying a tripod, spotting scope, and/or large binoculars.



    What are the main differences between the Outdoorsmans Long Range Pack and the Outdoorsmans Optics Hunter Pack?

    While both packs attach to the Outdoorsmans Frame System, The Long Range Pack is slightly larger at 7500 cubic inches, with the Optics Hunter at around 5500. The Long Range Pack also feature one large main compartment in stead of two.

    The Long Range pack also separates from the frame, allowing hunters to carry meat and gear at the same time. It also features a padded optics pocket on top and tripod/spotting scope sleeves on the side, which the Optics hunter does not.



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