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Wilderness Athlete Pack Out Bite 20 Pack

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High Protein Energy Fuel 

Power your day with energizing and great tasting nutrients conveniently packed into each bite. Stay full and focused through the toughest hikes, heaviest pack-outs, or the longest meetings.

  • Double Chocolate Brownie
    100 Calories | 7g of Protein | 5g of Fat | 4g of Sugar

    With just one bite you will feel stronger, happier, and not believe that something this delicious could be this healthy. Whether it’s a 7-day pack-in hunt or a busy day full of meetings, a Pack Out Bite fuels the body as well as the mind.

  • Advantages:


    • 100 Mouth-Watering Calories
    • 7g of High-Grade Protein to Boost Strength
    • Low Sugar With Premium Ingredients for Clean Energy
    • Natural & Ridiculously Delicious Double Chocolate Brownie Flavor.

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