We receive a lot of questions about our products and how they can be used to better your glassing and hunting experience in the field. Here is a collection of our most frequently asked questions!

1.) Is your bino adapter post adaptable to other tripod heads? Yes, both our short and tall bino adapters have a threaded 1/4x20 hole in the bottom which allows them to easily screw onto you existing adapter plate. 

2.) How does the Swarovski EL Stud install work? The EL adapter stud is a proprietary process that allows us to machine press in our stud into the inside of the front bridge. In order to complete this process, you will need to send your ELs to the address at the bottom of our page with your contact info in the box.

3.) What is the difference between the Tall and Short bino adapter? We build two sizes of our bino adapter to be able to adapt all objective sizes available. The main difference is the height, the short measures in at 3.5" and the tall is 4.5".  

4.) Do I need a 1/4x20 or 3/8ths plate? If you are looking to mount a spotting scope, camera, or any other accessory to our tripod heads you will need a 1/4x20 plate. The 3/8ths plate was specifically designed to use with our pistol grip head, to allow it to slide into our quick release adapter. 

5.) Will your pack bags work on other frames? Unfortunately they will not. Our bags are specifically designed for our frames only.