Jim White Pan Head 2.0

$ 299.99



In honor of a great man and with help from folks like you, we're proud to have taken the Jim White Pan Head to its next evolution.

The Jim White 2.0 is compatible with Arca-Swiss and the Original Jim White Plates, so you can enjoy all your favorite accessories with the benefit of a custom-tuned pan and tilt. The integrated allen wrench means you can adjust both pan and tilt movements on the fly to suit your needs. It doesn't get any smoother than this!


Jim was the first to design and produce a lightweight tripod head with tilt and pan specifically for the hunting industry. In fact, he produced the head so far back that I am unsure when it was first made. If I remember right it was the late 80’s or early 90’s. We have proudly replicated his work and made a few minor modifications that we hope he would have approved of.
Floyd Green
Owner, Outdoorsmans



Weight 12 oz
Compatibility Arca-swiss & Original Jim White Plates
Dimensions 3.25" T x 2" W x 4" Handle



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