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Outdoorsmans Pan Head

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The workhorse of the Outdoorsmans tripod heads, the Pan Head, was built to be lightweight but carry a load. With an easy twist of the pan or tilt lever, you are able to pan smoothly or adjust glassing angles quickly and easily.

This pan head has seen over a decade of the harshest environments and toughest conditions to ever befall a big game hunter.

Legendary for its strength to weight ratio and ease of use, there is no better solution for stable optics. Even at just over half a pound, it is capable of holding 95mm spotting scopes and even long range rifles.

The days of replacing cheap tripod heads are behind us, and the future looks bright.

Adapter plate not included with the Pan Head.

Type Pan Head
Weight 10.5 oz
Height 3.75 in
Material Billet Aluminum
Load Capacity 6 lbs 1 oz (BTX 95)
Plate Type Outdoorsmans 1/4-20
Base Mount Female 3/8

How does the Outdoorsmans Pan Head attach to my tripod?

The Outdoorsmans Pan Head can attach directly to your tripod using a 3/8 Stud, or can be used with any of the Outdoorsmans Quick Release Adapters.

How do my optics attach to the Pan Head?

All optics, cameras, rifle rests or non-Outdoorsmans Bino adapters attach to the Pan Head using anOutdoorsmans 1/4-20 Adapter Plate.

What is the difference between the Outdoorsmans Pan Head and the Micro Pan Head?

While both lightweight tripod heads give you the ability to pan and tilt with ease, the Micro Pan Head is smaller and lighter than the original Outdoorsmans Pan Head. However, we recommend the Pan Head if you will be using larger, heavier optics.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Isaac Wing
Great smooth head.

Awesome head. Smooth like a fluid head , light like a ball head. I like the short handle. Tightens down to locked easily and holds rock solid with no drift. This head is expensive bit definitly the nicest light head I've ever used. Way better than the Benro.

Dwight Swift

A great piece of kit. I wish I had gotten this years ago. Quality is top notch. Operation is smooth and effortless.

Jake Oxoby
Tough versatile and compact!

A well put together item by itself on a tripod. And truly the window mount and pan head combo is extremely useful!

Shawn Barber
Awesome equipment

Purchased a outdoorsman pan head to put on my tall tripod and it is by far the best and most stable set up I've ever owned. Outdoorsman products are legit and worth the money!!

Logan Mason

Well msde

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