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Outdoorsmans Compact Tripod

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The Tripod that Won the West

Using binoculars or a spotting scope without a tripod in 2018 is as questionable as muzzle-loading a rifle was after 1873. You can get the job done, but once you’ve felt the difference, it’s almost impossible to go back.

No matter how steady you think your hands are, nothing beats the view from a rock-solid platform. The Outdoorsmans tripod is the only one built specifically for the demands of western hunting and has been put to the test all over the world.

Become a one-man glassing army with the most hardcore tripod on the market.

Add up to 17" of height with a Center Post Extension.

Height Compressed 13.5
Height Extended (Legs Only) 27
Height Extended (Center Post Extended) 36.5
Height Extended (Center Post Extension Extended) 47
Weight 2lbs
Material Aluminum
Load Capacity 30lbs
# of leg sections 3
Leg Lock Type (Flip/ Twist) Flip


Can I use another manufacturer's tripod head with an Outdoorsmans Tripod?

Yes, tripod heads manufactured to accept a 3/8 stud can be threaded to Outdoorsmans Tripods using an Outdoorsmans 3/8 stud.

Have any questions?

Phone: 1-800-291-8065
Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM – 5PM MST
or hit the chat button during store hours.

The Tripod that Won the West

No matter how steady you think your hands are, nothing beats the view from a rock solid platform. The Outdoorsmans tripod is the only one built specifically for the demands of western hunting, and has been put to the test all over the world.

  • 100% Billet AluminumMade of the 6061-T6 aircraft grade billet machined aluminim. Try to break it, we dare you.
  • Easy Use Lever LocksUnlocking and deploying your tripod could not be faster - even when those cold temps have your hands wrapped.
  • Multiple Height OptionsDon't compromise on your glassing style. Our tripods come in three sizes that comform to you not the other way around.


Compact Tripod

Strike a balance between ultralight and ultra capable, the Standard Tripod gives a little extra room to glass sitting down, and enough to glass standing up with the optional Centerpost Extension kit.

  • Weight32 Ounces
  • Height Compressed13.5 Inches
  • Legs Deployed27 Inches
  • Centerpost Deployed36.5 Inches
  • Centerpost Extension Deployed (not included) 47 Inches


"Best tripod I۪’ve ever owned, lightweight, stable, and bomb proof. I۪’ve used it for photos, glassing, time lapses, to prop up a tarp and to defend myself from wolves. On time, every time!"

- Joshua L.

Which Tripod is for You?

Whether you're miles in the wilderness or a few short yards from the truck, having the right tripod will go a long way towards spotting game.

Some folks like to stand and glass while others glass exclusively from a seated position. Luckily, no matter the preference, we've got a tripod for everyone.


Compact Tripod

Weight: 32 Ounces
Height Compressed: 13.5 Inches
Legs Deployed: 27 Inches
Centerpost Deployed: 36.5 Inches
Centerpost Extension Deployed: 47 Inches


Standard Tripod

Weight: 44 Ounces
Height Compressed: 18.5 Inches
Legs Deployed: 37 Inches
Centerpost Deployed: 51.5 Inches
Centerpost Extension Deployed: 60.5 Inches


Tall Tripod

Weight: 49.6 Ounces
Height Compressed: 21 Inches
Legs Deployed: 44 Inches
Centerpost Deployed: 60.5 Inches
Centerpost Extension Deployed: 79.5 Inches

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Dan Ross
What a set up.

Was asked to write a review of my recent purchase… even though there was a glitch in their system and I actually didn’t order anything new, I have a short tripod/pan head/bino adapter from years back. This system has been s#%t kicked and is bomber. Glad I spent the money. My only regret is they didn’t have the new stuff in production back then. Lol.

Rachel Ahtila
Guides Best Compact Tripod

My first Outdoorsmans' Compact Tripod last me ten adventurous years! Ten years of backpack guiding, horse crews, and personal hunts- this tripod was sturdy enough to handle high winds, temperatures and various uneven landscapes. It's multi-length adjustable legs, and durable build keep any model of scope from wavering. If you are looking for one scope that can work for you, this is it.

Photography by Adam Foss

Scott Sewall
Awesome glassing tripod!

I have glassed with binos from a cheaper tripod and when I bought the outdoorsman compact with the pan head I was blown away as to how much better it was. Super solid and when you lock the pan head there is no movement at all. I think this will be the last tripod I will ever buy!

Krishn Prasad
Solid product

Only tripod I will ever need in my lifetime! Does the job of a bino tripod, spotting scope tripod and rifle rest! Heavy duty and built to last

Great high quality tripod

Works well, very smooth. It is solidly made and great material.

American Made Gear for the Western Hunter

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