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For over 35 years, Outdoorsmans has made the world's greatest optics available to hunters and adventurers. In that time, we've collaborated with leading optics manufacturers to develop products that function in the demanding environments we often find ourselves in as outdoorsmen. We've worked with machine shops and soft-goods designers to create our own purpose-built packs and tripods and offered solutions to problems most will never come to understand.

This kind of understanding is precisely what drove us to we build the team that we have today. Every member of our team is an experienced hunter with a true working-knowledge of the products we carry, and plenty of products that we don't. We take pride in what we do and the team we do it with so we decided to share a little about ourselves with you.


Blake Newman, Sales Team
Blake grew up playing baseball in the Arizona suburbs and went on his first hunt when he was 16. He got a taste of hunting’s bittersweet nature from the very start chasing Coues deer in Southern Arizona. Though they are about as easy to spot as a small rock in tall grass, Coues deer remain Blake’s favorite big game species to hunt, largely because of the rich experience these hunts have brought in the past. At 6'4", Blake likes the extra space the Long Range Pack System offers for his larger sleeping bag and warming layers.

Ian Fitz, Warehouse Manager
Growing up in NE Pennsylvania, Ian started hunting at 25 years old and cut his teeth chasing squirrels and whitetail deer. Since moving to Arizona, he has enjoyed the year-round clear skies as an avid distance runner as well as the public land hunting opportunities. Coues deer and turkey are his favorite quarry, so he uses his Butte 25 on most hunts. It offers plenty of room for essentials while sparing the weight of a full pack.

Joe Mannino, Sales Team
Born and raised in Mesa, Arizona, Joe began hunting shortly after uttering his first words – starting with small game and graduating to his first big game hunt in 1996 for desert mule deer. He spends his leisure time with his family, making photos, and sipping bourbon. When it comes to hunting mule deer, Joe is a big fan of the Butte 25 Frame System. He enjoys the minimalist pack with the support of the frame system for the packout.

Ryan Feringa, Sales Team 
Another native of Arizona’s East Valley suburbs, Ryan started hunting at the age of 10. After chasing rabbits, quail, and dove for a while, he moved on to deer at 14 years old and hasn’t looked back since. He likes to lift big and eat big without getting too fancy. Deer steaks with potatoes and asparagus are all the fuel he needs. When it comes to packs, Ryan likes room for a full camp system plus the rest of his gear, so he uses the Palisade 90 on most hunts. 

Mark Denham, General Manager
Now our General Manager, Mark grew up in Chandler, Arizona and started hunting at a very early age. By the age of 10, Mark killed his first Coues deer with his father and it remains his favorite species to hunt to this day. A school-trained gunsmith, Mark loves tinkering with his 1911’s and tweaking his dry aging process on game meats. Outside of hunting, Mark is a weight-lifting enthusiast and competitor, so naturally, his favorite Outdoorsmans product is the Atlas Trainer Frame System.



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