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Tripod Heads by the Outdoorsmans

Tripod Heads by the Outdoorsmans

Tripod Heads

Tripod Heads are just as important as your tripod legs. 

So what Outdoorsmans Tripod Head is right for you?

Much of this answer will be determined by what you intend to use your tripod for, and perhaps with. 

  • Backpack hunting
  • 85mm+ spotting scopes (size of optics)
  • video or camera use
  • multipurpose use

What feels natural? 

For a long time I used a pistol grip style head for glassing, but as my glassing hours increased, I personally found it to be less comfortable than a pan style tripod head.  Pistol grip heads are great for quick, start & stop style glassing, but pan heads allow for a much smoother transition.  

We currently offer x3 different Tripod Heads for our leg systems:

Outdoorsmans Pistol Grip Head

Pistol Grip Head

With a quick squeeze of the handle, you can quickly change your field of view with no levers to loosen or tighten. The quick release Outdoorsmans adapter plates allow you to switch from your binoculars to spotting scope, to rifle rest, or to your camera in seconds. The head has a machined groove, so when it is horizontal, it can be used as a rifle rest.

Use: Great with binoculars for start & stop glassing, all spotting scopes, but panning left or right requires the Outdoorsmans panner attachment

Outdoorsmans Micro Pan Head

Micro Pan Head

The micro head was designed to remove every piece of unused weight.  The head weighs an unreal 7.8 oz!  The micro head was created to replace the ball head, which didn't allow for quality panning of your optics. 

Use: Backcountry hunters dream head, panning & lightweight optics

Outdoorsmans Pan Head

Pan Head 

This compact-lightweight head has separate levers for vertical and horizontal travel and is specifically designed to accept Outdoorsmans Adapter Plates.  Some say this is our "Workhorse" tripod head.  

Uses: Smooth Panning, Video Cameras & it can handle largest spotting scopes 

Currently, I use the Outdoorsmans Pan Head on one of my tripods.  I chose this head to top my Outdoorsmans tripod legs because I wanted to be able to pan left to right smoothly.  I also was not very concerned with having the lightest head we offer and I knew I could be attaching a video or DSLR to this head.  It really just fit my all around needs better than the other 2 heads, so that's why I went with.

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